When is the Ball this year?

20th June, 2022

I have a ticket from 2020 which I didn't refund - what do I need to do?

You will be sent a ticket on the same basis as someone who purchased a ticket for the ball this year. You should have received a confirmation email on 18th Feburary 2022. Check your spam folder.

I'd like to refund my ticket from 2020.

We are not offering refunds at this time, as the advertised refund period for ticket holders has passed. As with a regular ticket holder, we will be opening name changes for a fee. We will email ticket holders with more details as the year progresses, and update this page.

I refunded my ticket - can I buy a new one?

If you have refunded your ticket, then you are treated as never having bought one. You will receive an email when tickets are open to purchase for you, as usual (ie: College members and alumni, then the general University subject to sales performance).

How many guest tickets can I buy?

On Launch Night (in the Bar) and from 13:00 on the 24th Feburary, Jesuans will be able to buy their own ticket and ballot for up to two guest tickets. On Sunday 27th Feburary, winners of the ballot will receive an email requesting payment. Tickets then go on sale to the rest of the university in early March, should any remain. Please note: You will need the personal, non-Cambridge email addresses of guests that you wish to buy tickets for.

I can't make the ball anymore - what should I do?

The Jesus May Ball doesn't offer refunds - however, it is possible to transfer the ticket into another name, although there is a fee for this (the majority of which is donated to charity!). We may also have a waitlist of people who are looking to buy a ticket from someone - tickets sold to the waiting list will be subject to a significantly reduced admin fee - please contact us at [email protected]. We forbid guests from selling tickets for a profit, and would like to urge those who are looking for a ticket to apply through the waitlist first to avoid high markups. If you suspect you have been offered a ticket at a markup, let us know as we will cancel tickets sold at above market rate.

I'm on the waiting list… now what?

If any spare tickets become available (e.g. from people not paying for their tickets), we will contact people on the waiting list in the order they went on. You'll stay on the waiting list until a few weeks before the ball, to give you the best chance of getting a ticket.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Name changes on tickets can be done here, for a fee of £40, however this fee will increase to £50 after the 22nd April. Changes will be made to the tickets after payment confirmation. The deadline for all name change requests is the 10th June. This is a strict deadline, and no exceptions will be given (as it is exam season). Tickets sold to the waiting list will be subject to a £10 name change fee, rising to £20 after the 22nd April.

When will I get my e-ticket for the ball?

All e-tickets will be sent out the weekend of the Ball (Saturday or Sunday).

Where do I go on the night?

Information regarding where to enter for the ball will be sent out with e-tickets closer to the time.

What should I wear?

The only acceptable attire is black tie, white tie, national dress or dresses of a comparable standard. Sports blazers are not allowed.

The Jesus May Ball does not discrimate by gender regarding dress code. Within the acceptable atire listed above, please wear what you'd like.

I have specific dietary requirements - will these be catered to at the ball?

The menus for the night has been selected with the utmost care to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, so we hope there will be something for everyone. If you have purchased a dining ticket, an email regarding dietary requirements will be sent to you. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to contact the Food Officer at [email protected] Additionally, allergen information will be included in electronic program sent out with tickets on the 8th June.

I have specific accessibility requirements - will these be accommodated?

The Ball will be based around several college courts, with an accessible entrance to the Ball via the Chimney. Whilst most of the Ball can be navigated using paved paths, there are some woodchip paths, uncovered grassy areas and cobbled floors, ramps over electrical cables, and carpeted grass areas slightly raised from the ground. Additionally, there is a staircase up to the Hall area which sadly we are unable to provide a stair-lift for. We will be publishing an accessibility map before the ball, and hard copies of this will be available on the night at the entrance. If you require any more information in advance, or need any special provisions made, please email [email protected] Additionally, the Chapel will be open all night with gentle acoustic music and a calm atmosphere for those who may need to take a few minutes away from noise or bright lights. This is a spacious area with an accessible entrance via a permanent ramp.

Do you offer any bursary tickets?

We offer discounted bursary tickets available to Jesus College students only. These tickets are for anyone in receipt of any level of the Cambridge Bursary as well as anyone in financial difficulty known to the Tutorial Office. Please contact the Ticketing Officer at [email protected] for more information about these tickets.

What's your ethical banking policy?

Ethical banking and sustainability considerations form an integral part of Jesus College May Ball’s values, having been certified Platinum by Sustain-a-ball in previous years for our efforts towards making the ball as sustainable as possible. The committee wants to engage in constructive conversations in order to further our already broad ranging strategies, and as part of this we have intensely scrutinised the ways we bank our money to ensure we bank responsibly.

As a provider of a large scale event, the committee often has large sums of cash needing to be deposited in the short term. When making decisions about where to deposit this cash, the committee considered:

The Jesus College May Ball holds a comparatively tiny amount of cash in banks relative to larger corporations, however we commit to engaging with our bankers, alongside other organisations with similar goals, to lobby for them to adopt policies in line with Sustain-a-ball’s overall mission. Financial institutions deemed in the opinion of the committee to not be taking active steps to divest and take steps towards the introduction of ethical banking policies will be considered unfavourably when the committee makes future decisions regarding its deposits.

I have another question!

Please get in touch with me (Lewis) at [email protected] :)