Jesus College May Ball 2023 is looking for hard-working and motivated individuals to work and help make this year's Ball a night to remember !!

There are a variety of roles available, whether it be working as an Entertainment Runner, Security Steward or on Food and Drinks, there is certainly a role for you! If leadership is your calling then why not apply for the more demanding and rewarding roles of Team Leader or Court Supervisor.

Unlike some other Balls, Jesus does not operate under a 'half-on, half off' employment policy. All workers must work the whole ball, and are offered a competitive rate for this.

We aim for our applicants to willingly work as part of a team, demonstrating a readiness to embrace their tasks and immerse themselves within the Ball's atmosphere. An army of charming workers will help make the 19th of June an exceptional night. Prior May Ball or hospitality experience is valuable, but not necessary.

This is a night to remember and a fabulous opportunity to gain experience and to earn money whilst working at one of Cambridge's most anticipated events of the year!

If this is for you, please apply before January 11th 2023, when applications close, for first consideration. Interviews will take place on January 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. A reserve workers list may be collected at a later date. 

To apply, please fill in the online application form below.

Please feel free to contact Issy or Jolyon with any queries or further questions via [email protected]

Team Leader (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Team Leaders oversee all the workers for one section of the ball (e.g. the food team). They will need to effectively manage their respective teams, clearly communicating with members and ensuring that everyone can confidently carry out their roles to a satisfactory standard. In addition, Team Leaders are responsible for signing their team in and out at the start and end of the Ball. 

We are looking for people who:

Prior leadership experience is necessary for this role. Team Leaders will also have ‘right to buy’ tickets to the next Jesus May Ball. Interview required.

Court Supervisor (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Court Supervisors ensure the smooth operation of their assigned court or area. This involves communicating with Team Leaders and any relevant committee members when any issues arise or extra staffing is required. As a Court Supervisor you are also responsible for signing workers in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts/breaks respectively.

We are looking for people who:

Prior leadership experience is necessary for this role. Court Supervisors will also have ‘right to buy’ tickets to the next Jesus May Ball. Interview required.

Food and Drinks Worker (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Food and drinks workers will rotate through a range of positions during the night. These positions include the preparation and serving of food and drink, as well as ensuring all food and drink stalls are well stocked. 

We are looking for people who:

Prior hospitality or catering experience is beneficial but not necessary. Interview required.

Security Steward (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Security Stewards are responsible for reporting anyone attempting to enter the Ball without a valid ticket. However, they will never be expected to directly confront or remove any unauthorised persons themselves. You will also be responsible for guest health and safety, which includes fire stewarding and reporting any inappropriately or dangerously behaving individuals.

We are looking for people who: 

Entertainment (Ents) Runners (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Ents runners are required to escort all acts to the correct stages at the correct times, ensuring that the night’s entertainment timetable runs smoothly. 

We are looking for people who: 

Interview required.

General Worker (From £10.90* Per Hour)

General workers will be assigned a variety of responsibilities throughout the night, depending on where support is needed. The role may involve stepping in where certain teams or areas are understaffed. If you like job variety, this is the role for you but it also requires a cool head and an ability to adapt. This is a timetabled role, where you will be assigned to different aspects of the Ball during the night.

We are looking for people who:

Litter Collection Worker (From £10.90* Per Hour)

The Litter Collection team will collect rubbish throughout the night and ensure its correct disposal. During the night workers will rotate to different areas, allowing you to experience as much of the Ball as possible. This is an essential role as a clean Ball enhances guest experience. Litter collection during the Ball will also help minimise clear-up once the night has finished.

We are looking for people who:

Clear-up Worker (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Clear-up workers are expected to help take down Ball decorations/furniture as well as clearing any remaining litter from the previous night. All Clear-up workers must not have gone out the night before.

We are looking for people who:

Set-up Worker (From £10.90* Per Hour)

Set-up workers will aid the setting up of the Ball during the afternoon prior to the event itself. 

We are looking for people who:

Important Information:

Please be aware that Jesus College May Ball does NOT operate on a ‘half-on, half-off’ employment system. We will contact you by the end of January about your application and you may be invited to interview for the roles specified (Team Leader, Court Supervisor, Ents Runner or Food and Drink Worker). The shift length for standard workers is 10 hours (including a 1 hour site tour) plus two unpaid 30 minute breaks. The shift length for Court Supervisors and Team Leaders is 11 hours (including a 1 hour site tour) plus two unpaid 30 minute breaks. 2 hours of onsite training must be attended at Jesus College (except for set-up and clear-up workers, who are not required to attend). We will host different sessions with the compulsory attendance of all workers at one of them. All workers at Jesus College May Ball will be required to read a contract (which stipulates the terms and conditions of employment), sign it and return it to us. All wages will be specifically stated within this contract. We will also require a passport photo of each worker and the collection of your card details to charge in case of a breach of contract. This is to cover any minor or major breaches of contract but will otherwise be destroyed after the Ball on fulfilment of the employment.

*Please note that all wages advertised are inline with the 2023 Real Living Wage, and start at £10.90 p/h, but can increase depending on your role. Every contract will clarify the pay specific to the individual.