When is the Ball this year?

20th June, 2022

I have a ticket from 2020 which I didn't refund - what do I need to do?

You will be sent a ticket on the same basis as someone who purchased a ticket for the ball this year. There is no need to email to ask if you have a ticket - you do, but you must follow the guidance below to ensure your email is up to date.

If you have graduated: Please fill in this Google Form to update your email to a non CRSid one. We will NOT be sending further updates by SMS, so if you haven't corrected your email address you will not be able to access your ticket for 2022 or receive any further details. The deadline for the form is January 31st, 2022.

If you bought tickets for guests, please also use the form to update the emails for all those guest tickets, or pass on the form to them.

If you are still at Cambridge and/or you can still access your @cam.ac.uk email: You don't need to do anything. You will receive more details about the ball on the same timeline as other ticket holders.

I'd like to refund my ticket from 2020.

We are not offering refunds at this time, as the advertised refund period for ticket holders has passed. As with a regular ticket holder, we will be opening name changes for a fee after ticket sales open in February 2022. We will email ticket holders with more details as the year progresses, and update this page.

I refunded my ticket - can I buy a new one?

If you have refunded your ticket, then you are treated as never having bought one. You will receive an email when tickets are open to purchase for you, as usual (ie: College members and alumni, then the general University subject to sales performance).

I have a free ticket due to being a former Committee member, etc. - is my ticket still valid?

Yes. We will be in touch shortly, if you haven't already heard from us. We are not offering the opportunity to delay your ticket - your ticket will be valid for 2022 only.

If you have left Cambridge, you must fill in the same form as above! Otherwise you won't get your ticket: click here to update your ticket email.

I have another question!

Please get in touch with me (Lewis) at [email protected] :)