Ticketing Details

Tickets will be available in three types: standard, priority, and dining, priced at £150, £170, and £190 respectively. There will also be the option to make a £2 donation to our chosen charities as part of your ticket application. Charitable donations will include entry into a raffle, prizes for which include 5 pairs of ticket upgrades granting Queue Jump to the Ball.

After record demand in previous years led to the ball selling out in under four hours, some changes have been made to the number of guest tickets students will be able to buy in recent years.

On Launch Night on Tuesday 20th February, Priority and Dining tickets will go on sale in the Brewery Room at 17:00. Jesuans will be able to buy their own, and two guest tickets.

Standard tickets will go on sale to Jesuans at 13:00 on the 21st February. For the first 3 days that tickets are on sale, you will only be able to buy your own, and two guest tickets.

From 13:00 on 24th February, the guest limit will be extended to a maximum total of four guest tickets. After this time, anyone with an existing application will be able to apply for an additional two guests, whilst any new applicants will be able to apply for four guests straight away. We believe that this new system will give everyone in college the opportunity to get tickets to the ball, whilst also still giving you the chance to invite all your friends along to the ball.

If any tickets remain after this initial round, they will go on sale to the rest of the university on the 28th February at 13:00.

Please include your Application ID in any emails sent to the Ticketing Officer at tickets@jesusmayball.com.

Please do not contact the committee via any personal channels (personal emails or Facebook, for example) about ticketing matters and use the dedicated ticketing email instead.

Ticketing FAQs

How many guest tickets can I buy?

On Launch Night (in the Brewery Room/Bar) and for the first 72 hours that tickets are on sale online, you'll be able to buy your own ticket and two guest tickets. From 13:00 on 24th February, the guest limit will be extended to four guests total.

I want to buy three/four guest tickets - what is the best way to do this?

Make an initial application during the first 72 hours after tickets go on sale and apply for your own ticket and two guest tickets at this time. Apply for any additional guest tickets once the guest limit has been extended.

When do I pay for the tickets?

You have to pay for the tickets within 48 hours of purchase.

I've already agreed to get guest tickets for four friends and I don't want to let two of them down whilst getting tickets for the other two...

Buy your own ticket straight away, then apply for all four guest tickets after the limit is extended - either all your friends will get tickets or none of them will. If you really want, then you can wait until the 24th to book your own ticket too, but there are no guarantees tickets will be left.

I waited until the 24th so I could buy all my own ticket and the guest tickets at the same time and ended up getting none - what should I do?

We did warn you! We can't create extra tickets. Sign up for the waiting list, and you may get tickets.

I'm on the waiting list… now what?

If any spare tickets become available (e.g. from people not paying for their tickets), we will contact people on the waiting list in the order they went on. You'll stay on the waiting list until a few weeks before the ball, to give you the best chance of getting a ticket.

Am I able to change the name on my ticket?

Yes. The fee for changing the name on a ticket is £50. At the discretion of the committee this fee may be waived in exceptional circumstances. To arrange this please contact the Ticketing Officer at tickets@jesusmayball.com.

I've bought a ticket but I can't make the ball anymore - what should I do?

The Jesus May Ball doesn't offer refunds - however, it is possible to transfer the ticket into another name, although there is a fee for this (some of this is donated to charity!). If you believe you should be exempt from this fee, contact the Ticketing Officer at tickets@jesusmayball.com, but don't be surprised if your request is rejected.

Hopefully this will clear up any questions on ticketing this year - if you have any more questions, feel free to contact the Ticketing Officer at the email address above.